Sega's hardcore 3D action MMORPG Kingdom Conquest is now on the App Store.

The freemium title allows up to four players to team up and face progressively more difficult monsters in a variety of dungeons.

Most of your time, however, will be spent managing your kingdom, stockpiling resources and building a large private army with which to smite your foes.

Indeed, there are two distinct game modes: Simulation and Action.

Kingdom parts

Players can also form alliances, trade in-game items and monster cards and access premium content and bonuses such as increased treasury storage capacity and speedy resource gathering via the purchase of the in-app currency called Charge Points.

“Because this is our first free-to-play title, as well as our first MMO developed for mobile devices, we’ve put a lot of work into ensuring that Kingdom Conquest provides players with a full-featured online world,” said Haruki Satomi, vice president of digital business at SEGA of America.

For more details, check out Tracy's indepth preview of Kingdom Conquest back from September.