People better than I have attempted a geopsychological theory of game development. Being a simple man, I just amuse myself with the fact that the French make crazy games.

Or in this case, double crazy games.

Well, A Moon for the Sky does come from French developer Egg Ball (previously known for Boowie!), and the French Chillingo(TM) BulkyPix.


It's a game in which the moon dies every evening, and so you have to lob another into the sky as a replacement.

Of course, being French, the artwork is lovely, while the gameplay has you drawing line on your iPhone's screen to bounce these lunar replacements upwards.

Mixing up active action and puzzles - in terms of obstacles such as air currents and barriers you have to break through - 18 levels plus an Endless mode are promised, with your skill available for your friends to see via Game Center integration.

"Egg Ball took a simple premise, and kept adding in more and more challenges and twists to confound the player and keep them on their toes," said Vincent Dondaine, CMO of BulkyPix.

"A Moon for the Sky will delight players of all ages with its fun and captivating gameplay."

A Moon for the Sky should be available soon for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.