So this is what ngmoco has been doing while it's been getting bought by Japanese publisher DeNA...

Published by THQ Wireless (which has the licence for Star Wars on mobile), and co-published by ngmoco, Star Wars Imperial Academy has just been released in Canada.

Yep, it's the typical ngmoco move for its online games: release them in Canada to check the servers and code works well before rolling out globally.

And, considering the likely popularity of this game, it makes complete sense.

White on white

As for the game's details, much like ngmoco's first online shooter Eliminate, it's a four-way deathmatch game that can be played over wi-fi and 3G.

There will be options in terms of long range sniping and rocket attacks, as well as close gun play and grenades etc.

Revealed locations include the Cloud City chamber, halls of Tantive IV, the streets of Tatooine and no doubt the Death Star, with weapons such as the E-11 sniper rifle, FA-3 Flechette launcher, Relby-v10 micro grenade launcher and other big blasters promised.

Wanna be bad guys

In terms of playable characters, as the name of the game suggests it's all Imperial garb, with you working your way up from standard Assault to a Sand Trooper, Blackhole Trooper and Royal Guard.

Weapons and armour will be upgradable and customisable as you play more and build up your experience and in-game currency.

Ngmoco says there will be different control settings with simple auto-fire on for beginners, and look sensitivity, turn on look momentum and invert aim etc for advanced players.

The game uses ngmoco's Plus+ social network, and it's also a typical free-to-play game, supported by in-app purchases, although it hasn't been made clear yet what sort of things - items, energy packs etc - you'll be buying.