For the second time in two months, the excellent yet tricky racer Jet Car Stunts is available at a reduced price on the App Store. In a generous double-whammy, Jet Car Stunts' downloadable content is also on sale.

The high-octane, trial-and-error racer requires both dexterity and patience to master the twisting tracks, which hang eerily in the air, surrounded by clouds.

Faster, faster, pussycat

Together, the original game and the DLC comprise over 50 stunt tracks, each with its own set of challenges to master. You can compare your scores with those of your friends via the OpenFeint leaderboards.

Both Jet Car Stunts and the expansion have plummeted from £1.59/$1.99 to a wallet-friendly 59p/99c for the first week in November.

That's a more than reasonable price for a game that impressed us enough to warrant a Pocket Gamer Silver Award.

Check out how the game plays in the following video.

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