The sales keep on rolling in at the moment, although strangely they appear to be focused at EA’s door.

As an extension on yesterday’s sale news, commentator Bub pointed out that EA has also reduced nearly all its iPad games, which we have collated into a pleasantly arranged list below with direct links to the App Store.

Incidentally, some of the biggest names on the list like NFS:S and Mirror’s Edge are now cheaper than their iPhone compatriots.

The two extra iPhone titles that have been added as of last night are the classic arcade shooter R-Type, and the classic anagram boardgame, Scrabble. Both are now available on the App Store for 59p.

iPad games on sale (NOT US):

59p/ €0.79

Madden NFL 11

£1.79 / €2.39
Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Need For Speed: Shift
Mirror’s Edge
Yahtzee HD

£2.99 / €3.99