To celebrate the release of Galaxy on Fire 2, which hit iPhone this morning, developer Fishhlabs has dropped the price of the original game from £1.79 / $2.99 / €2.39 to nowt, letting you get your sci-fi on for free.

The game features a bumper galactic economy as you swap loot with the solar system’s traders to earn cash. Use that cash to deck out your spaceship with weapons, shields, and drives to improve your luck in the game’s heated battles.

Here’s what you get for absolutely nothing: ten spaceships, hundreds of planets, more than 20 hours of gameplay, and an arcade style Survival mode. It’s all tied together in an overarching story, with 3D cut-scenes and loads of dialogue.

The promotion is for a limited time only, so get in quick if you want to explore the galaxy (on fire), without paying a penny.

Its not just about going free, though. The game will soon receive an update which adds OpenFeint achievements. It will scan your current progress to see if you deserve any of the 18 new awards, and then you can try and unlock the rest. The achievements are called:

  • Credits (money) Fortune Seeker / Moneymaker / Capitalist
  • Playing Time à Devotee / Enthusiast / Junkie
  • Kills à Gun dog / Hit man / Exterminator
  • Missions (amount of completed missions) à Job hunter / Laborer / Workaholic
  • Stations (visited planets and stations) à Traveler / Explorer / Voyager
  • Level à Rookie / Veteran / Elite

You'll also be able to enter leaderboards on the Survival mode to compete with your buddies.

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