Right back at the beginning of October we learned that Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is coming to iPhone. Further details emerged a couple of weeks later thanks to a leaked slideshow.

Now we have the first screenshot, and a few more details.

The screenshot to the right of these words - and in large form below - shows the the player taking on the role of a cop in a Lamborghini Reventon. The player's quarry is driving a Pagani Zonda Cinque.

Along the bottom of the screen are the three 'weapon' buttons: spike strips, road block, and EMP – an electromagnetic pulse that fries the quarry's electronics.

The map in the top-right shows the two drivers, and the orange bar wrapped around the lower-left part of the map shows the thrust. To the left is the bounty. This is what drives your career progression – as you work your way up the bounties you unlock more supercars.

The pursuit is taking place during the day in the mountains (clearly), and this is one of nine different racing environments and condition combinations. We already know that there are three environments - mountains, coastal, and desert - which means that there are three environmental conditions in each. There are six tracks in each environment.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is developed by Iron Monkey Studios. It features 20 car models, and contains 24 events in Cop Career mode.

It should be out some time in November.

Click the screenshot to zoom.