The 2D platform game has come a long way since Donkey Kong in 1981, and yet so much remains the same.

The player may no longer be confined to a single screen, but the basic premise of jumping, climbing, and dodging is at the heart of every modern platformer.

The key to success for the genre lies in its presentation and gameplay, and in the ability to bring something new, unique or special to the table.


With its colourful levels and characters, Furry Legends scores high marks for presentation. You play as Furrzie, the recently concussed leader of a tribe of small creatures that resemble balls of fluff.

Furzzie's lands are being invaded by the rock-like squaries, as you learn from a six-eyed crab called, fittingly, Mr Sillycrab.

Pocket Gamer's Jon Mundy criticised the awkwardness of the controls in his review of the Android version of Furry Legends, and it seems that Gamelion has taken note.

The revamped bada controls are far more fluid. Pitching the handset left and right makes Furrzie roll in the corresponding direction, and a simple tap of the 'jump' icon propels him in the direction of travel.

The attacks and special abilities are more streamlined too, and you'll soon be travelling around each level with precision and speed, dispatching the various squaries in your path. At least, you will be in those areas where you don't get stuck to the scenery, which is an all too frequent occurence.

Let's get physical

Throughout each level you face a selection of physics-based puzzles and obstacles, guiding rocks onto weighted switches, or swinging on precarious bridges. The puzzles themselves are usually simple affairs, and the biggest challenge is often in timing your jumps from one moving platform to another.

The combat is also a little underwhelming. Dragging a finger in the direction you want to attack will launch your avatar at its target, with most of the squaries requiring two hits to kill.

Although this can have occasionally unpredictable results, you'll quickly master the necessary timing to take out your foes before they launch their own attacks.

Furry Legends falls a little short of being the genre-redefining experience that it might have been. It might not be new, unique or special, but for now it stands out as the best platformer available for bada.

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