Monster Dash, from Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick, has received a bunch of new content in a free update, available to download from iTunes or your iOS device of choice.

The new level is called Yeti Heights: a snowy tundra featuring, you guessed it, abominable snowmen. It’s got chilly snowflakes falling from the sky, and a Jingle Bells styled background anthem, as you blast away at the level’s new enemies.

You’ve also got a new toy to play with in the rocket launcher. This bad boy can lock on to monsters, and deal collateral damage to anything in the rocket’s splash radius.

You’ve also got full Game Center support, with achievements and leaderboards. You’ll of course need a suitable device that can run Game Center, or you’ll be stuck with OpenFeint.

Monster Dash is an addictive twin-stick shooter, with a heavy emphasis on high scores and collectable awards. The massive update is free for those with the game - if you haven’t bought it yet, it’s only 59p / 99c / €0.79c.

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