The iPhone and iPod touch version of Doodle Jump is set to be updated with an exclusive new multiplayer racing mode.

iPhone Alley put the spotlight on a tweet by developer Lima Sky that announces work on the multiplayer update, which is expected to appear on the App Store soon.

"Get ready for some serious real-time competition against your friends," the short message reads.

While specific details on how the multiplayer mode works weren't provided, we can assume that the mode will allow you to race against another player online to a predetermined height.

The new multiplayer mode will be the latest in a long line of free content that Lima Sky has provided through App Store updates. Doodle Jump, along with other notable casual hits like Angry Birds, have kept their popularity fresh with such well-timed updates.

Doodle Jump is available now for iPhone and iPod touch for 59p/99c. An Android and Java version of the game is also available.

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