Distinctive Developments’s nightmarish vision of running through a forest at night, Dead Runner, has received an update today that adds a new social gaming network and a new mode – Chase.

Chase plays out in a similar fashion to the original Distance mode, albeit with more control over your nameless avatar. Holding down the screen makes the wider-than-you-think character run faster, while letting go slows him down (so you can avoid the wider-range of headstone designs).

The reason for this is hinted at it the title of the mode. Now, not only are you running away from something, but that something can catch you up and tickle you to death (or something like that anyway).

Dead Runner also joins the growing list of games that support Apple’s Game Center, although OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements are also still present.

The app update also mentions that the game is now Universal, but this doesn't appear to be the case from what the App Store's currently displaying. Expect another update to be released soon, then.

[Update: Distinctive Developments has contacted Pocket Gamer to say that iPad compatibility was omitted through an oversight. A new version has already been submitted.]

Dead Runner is out now on the App Store, and can be purchased for 59p / 99c / €0.79 using the link below.