Revolutionary Concepts, the Australian developer behind Banzai Rabbit and the remake of Karate Champ XL, has just announced its latest game.

Clearly looking for a challenge, the studio tasked itself with publishing a game that has no onscreen buttons, is completely unlike anything on the App Store, and implements the gyroscope (or accelerometer) effectively.

The result comes courtesy of Russian Artist Nicolai Troshinsky, who originally developed UFO on Tape as a freeware game.

The concept is simple: you have to point your phone in the direction of a meandering UFO, capturing as many seconds of footage as you can in order to prove the truth to a disbelieving world.

It’s a simple premise, but one that promises to deliver an experience quite unlike anything else on iTunes.

UFO on Tape is available now for £0.59 / €0.79 / $0.99.

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