The immensely tricky, yet incredibly satisfying,Jet Car Stunts is having its first ever sale this weekend, bringing its normal price down from £1.59/$1.99 to a mere 59p/99c.

Jet Car Stunts is very much in the vein of classic trial-and-error stunt titles of the past, with tricky tracks that bend, drop off, and twist high in the sky.

Mastery of both the layout and the controls of the vehicle are the key to success, with low amounts of retries (and faster times) all contributing to overall position on the OpenFeint leaderboards.

There are 36 tracks to jet through and a number of modes and achievements to master. If that isn’t enough, the game also now has an optional eight free tracks from the Lite version, and 26 new tracks through in-app purchasing.

Jet Car Stunts blew us away back when it was released, securing a prized Pocket Gamer Silver Award, so it’s well worth picking up at the reduced price.

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