It's unlikely that the Guinness Book of World Records committee is monitoring the App Store for record-breaking feats, but if it were Doodle Jump would be a contender for the title, 'Game Most Generously Supported by Updates'.

Over the months, Lima Sky has transported Doodle the Doodler to space, a graveyard, a football pitch, a Christmas winterscape, a jungle, and – most recently - under the sea.

Now, thanks to the latest 1.22 “mini update”, parts of its are optimised for the iPhone 4 Retina display.

If you play the Underwater, Original, or Space theme you'll get to enjoy graphics that are, in Lima Sky's words and punctuation, “absolutely stunning!!!!!”

The Underwater theme has also been updated with some new monsters.

Lima Sky is optimising the rest of the levels for Retina display now, so expect another update soon.

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