One of the creators of Kinect, Microsoft's imminent gesture-recognition add-on for the Xbox 360, believes that the technology would be a good fit for Windows Phone 7 devices.

Speaking at the GamesCom event in Cologne, Kudo Tsunoda said of the device:

"It's all stuff that you could integrate into a multitude of devices, whether it's phones or it's PC's, or anything that requires some sort of input.”

You might wonder how such a system – which is basically an advanced motion-sensing camera – could possibly be adapted for mobile use, but Tsunoda remains convinced. He even added a cheeky hint that something along these lines might be in the works at Microsoft.

"It's all stuff that you could work into phones as well if you wanted to…” he said, adding that “if like you worked at a company that did stuff with phones and PCs then maybe something like that would be possible."

Now what kind of company does stuff with phones and PCs?