Supermono, the developer behind MiniSquadron and Fox vs Duck, thinks normal to-do lists are a bit dull. Peg the washing out, get the car’s MOT, email the editor asking for a raise - a huge yawn fest.

So, by imbuing your boring list of banal tasks with some RPG flair, EpicWin makes ticking off tasks a thrill. Completing a quest will earn you some experience points, and stats in places like strength, social, intellect and stamina.

Your avatar, of which there are three included and two more available through in-app purchases, will deck your nuisance task.

“So get your Undead Warrior to beat-up your laundry, or your Treeman to headbutt your overspilling inbox,” the developer writes.

You’ll also unlock loot, which you can share with pals, and progress along a world map as you level up. It’s got a fully featured task list underneath all the spiffy RPG graphics, with repeating tasks, notifications for overdue events, time-critical events on specific dates and aspirational goals.

You can download the app and start levelling up today on iPhone and iPod touch. Epic Win will cost you £1.79 / $2.99 / €2.39.