Faced with Yoda's binary imperative, LucasArts has chosen to 'do not'. The developer has pulled the plug on the PSP version of its upcoming Jedi-slicin’ sequel, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

The game features Force Unleashed protagonist Star Killer in a cat-and-mouse chase for his true love, Juno Eclipse (aww!), while Darth Vader seeks to destroy the former apprentice (gasp!)

But while you’ll still be able to wield your lightsaber and try out your comically overpowered force powers on portable platforms DS and iPhone, as well as home consoles and PC, the PSP edition has been unceremoniously scrapped.

LucasArts has declined to comment to IGN on the news, but with declining sales and rampant piracy on the platform, it’s becoming harder and harder for developers to see high sales on the PSP.

Other platforms will get the game on October 26, 2010.