The latest update to the Commodore C64 emulator, C64 for iPhone, is due to land on the App Store any day now, with a raft of tweaks, new features, and 14 new games.

Manomio has been working hard at addressing control issues with this latest release, correcting the dead-zone and sensitivity, introducing a new fixed-mode joystick for the landscape view, and support for the control layout system for more complicated titles.

Multi-disk games are now also supported, albeit through a file-based system and not ‘virtual swapping’, and there’s been a host of visual tweaks from redrawing the borders in landscape view to adding high resolution icons to the home screen.

The new games include one of the biggest selling Commodore 64 titles of all time, The Last Ninja, and Archer Maclean’s original 1985 classic, International Karate.

The full list of new titles:

Bozo's Night Out (Free)
Buggy Boy
Heatseeker (Free)
Hunter's Moon
International Karate
Iridis Alpha (Free)
The Last Ninja
The Last Ninja 2
The Last Ninja 3
Summer Camp

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