[This review is taken from a two-part feature published in July, which rounded up nine of Gameloft’s iPhone to Android game conversions. You can read part 1 here, and part 2 here.]

Dungeon Hunter, Gameloft’s ode to the classic dungeon-crawler, was a hit with us when it first appeared on iPhone, gaining a Gold Award for its excellence.

The game sees you hacking through a legion of mythical beasts, levelling-up your character (chosen from three classes), and kitting him out with the stacks of loot you find on your travels.

Unfortunately, the Android version isn’t the flawless conversion we would have hoped for.

On our Nexus One the game possessed a blurry, oversaturated look. Even worse than that, the textures are noticeably inferior and certain details – such as the chains near the bridge during the opening section – have been removed altogether.

It’s mystifying, then, that the game still doesn’t run at a silky smooth rate on Android. There are frequent stutters, especially during busy battle scenes.

The controls, too, are somewhat below par. The virtual analogue stick frequently sticks in an odd direction, and the action buttons prove to be frustratingly unresponsive at times, requiring repeated stabs to activate.

While the core game remains an excellent action RPG, Dungeon Hunter is far from the best iPhone to Android conversion we’ve ever seen.

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