Evil never sleeps, and neither does Dr Helsing from the looks of the massive update Clickgamer and Ratloop have just released for the colour and light-based puzzle/action hybrid, Helsing’s Fire.

Version 1.1 makes the game tougher as well as offering up a new celebration gesture called the ‘Tomahawk’, and the ‘Absurd’ difficulty level for the veteran monster hunters out there.

Those who share an iOS with a better half/the kids now have the option for multiple profiles to save progress, and if they happen to suffer from colour-blindness, there’s now a setting that enables them to see a little better.

Along with all these extra features and settings, Ratloop has also made a few tweaks to the game’s performance, added the option to play your own music while you slay, and ironed out a few small bugs along the way.

We thought Helsing’s Fire was a spookily good game last month, calling it ‘a smart puzzler’ before quickly pinning a Pocket Gamer Bronze Award on its lapel.

Helsing’s Fire is available on the App Store for 59p / 99c and can be bought by clicking the link below.