Here’s a bit of gaming history for you. Released as a rival to Atari’s 2600 back in 1980, Mattel’s Intellivision console was the first system in history to feature downloadable games.

Fast forward 30 years and, whilst the Intellivision itself remains in the great video gaming graveyard in the sky, its back catalogue of titles lives on in downloadable format on Xbox Live.

Following MTV’s half-hearted App Store release of six Intellivision titles earlier in the year, an American publisher has announced it’ll be bringing the Intellivision Lives! compilation of games to Ninty’s DS on 16th September.

The Intellivision Lives! package contains over 60 different games, including classics such as Astrosmash, B-17 Bomber, Shark! Shark!, Motocross, Space Cadet, and Thin Ice.

Head-to-head local wireless game play will be available, so the old-stagers can relive their glorious Intellivision ‘80s battles in portable form.

'Virtual Play Games is very excited to bring Intellivision Lives! to a broader audience at a time when both adults and kids are enjoying casual games even more than ever', said Virginie Grange, Business Development for Virtual Play Games.

Look out for this slice of classic gaming in mid-September.