It may not be the most popular sport over on this side of the pond, often dismissed as ‘rugby for girls’, but American Football is damned popular over in the States.

With the new football season ready to kick into gear next month, it’s no surprise to see EA announcing details of its latest Madden game, or indeed Gameloft racing into the App Store first with its own interpretation of America’s other favourite pastime.

NFL 2011 carries with it the official NFL license and branding, as well as the usual yearly updates applied to the team rosters.

This year’s edition now comes with improved AI, an assistant to help out with tactics, and tilt controls to dodge blockers. There are also motion-captured animations and 200 plays in the playbook.

Eagle-eyed pocket gamers might notice that 2010 also contained 200 plays, so I’m taking that to mean there’s been no expansion in that regard.

Elsewhere there’s a new RSS feed - no, wait, that was in 2010 as well. In fact, looking at the displayed features on the NZ store, there doesn’t seem to be very much that's new.

Hopefully this means the changes are mainly focused under-the-hood, as NFL 2010 didn’t exactly make our resident US iPhone editor particularly psyched.

NFL 2011 is out now on the New Zealand App Store for $9.99 and should arrive in UK and American stores in the next 24 hours for £3.99 and $6.99 respectively.

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