Here's the thing about the App Store: you only need to turn your back on it long enough to make a cup of tea for 2,500 new games to show up.

It doesn't matter how dedicated an iDevice gamer you are - the moment you blink, you run the risk of missing the arrival of an essential new title.

Of course, reading Pocket Gamer should bring great comfort. After all, if a game on iPhone or iPod touch is worth playing, we'll often shout about it.

But let's say you've only just joined the iPhone club. Or you weren't previously paying attention. Or even, though it breaks our hearts to type it, you've only just found Pocket Gamer.

Sure, you could trawl through the site yourself. But we've saved you the bother. See, we've put together what we think are 50 of the finest games to have come out during the App Store's earlier years. We've stuck them onto the pages of a digital magazine and called them 'classics' to create the Top 50 Classic iPhone Games Guide.

Free to view online by clicking on the link above, you'll find within it a collection of pre-2010 titles we feel no iPhone or iPod touch owner should live another second without playing.

And if you're new to the scene, we've even included a handful of 'how to' guides to help you get the lowdown on how the whole iPhone gaming thing works.

Whether a veteran or newcomer, the fun doesn't stop once you've consumed the Top 50 list – we've also collated 40 of our current and more recent favourites as a set of genre-specific Top 5s.

Even if we get you to discover only one new gaming gem, we'll go to bed happy.

Hope you like it.