True Axis’s addictive stunt driver Jet Car Stunts has been updated with spiffy new visuals specifically for barrel-roll fanatics racing on the iPhone 4, with textures fit for the new gadget’s exceptionally high resolution.

It also packs in anti-aliasing, a technical piece of jargon that essentially means “less jaggy”, smoothing out jerky polygonal edges with the new iPhone’s extra processing power. It’s caused Apple to chuck it in its ‘Great Retina Display Apps’, a section of the App Store filled with games, like Archetype and Real Racing, that pack new visuals.

Luke Ryan from developer True Axis let us in on a secret cheat menu that’s actually been hiding in the game since version 1.4.0. Simply head into the main menu and then, “tap once in the top left corner of the screen, followed a tap in the bottom right, then top right, then bottom left corners.”

The next update with upgrade to the game to the latest version of OpenFeint. Jet Car Stunts is available to download for iPhone and iPod touch now for £1.19 / $1.99 / €1.59, and the new update is free.

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