At today's Evolve portion of the Develop conference in Brighton, Fishlabs's CEO Michael Schade made a series of predictions about the future development of the mobile gaming market.

Having traced the history of mobile gaming devices alongside the development of their console cousins - ending up with a comparison between the original Xbox and the iPhone 3GS -Schade went onto to suggest that the first Xbox 360 comparable device would be the iPad HD which he suggested would arrive in 2011.

Up gunned

Comparing the HD and 3.2GHz power of Microsoft's system with similar grunt in an updated iPad scaled with iPhone 4 technology, screen and resolution, he confidently predicted that games of equivalent visual impact to Bioware's Mass Effect 2, possibly Fishlabs's own Galaxy on Fire 3, would be running on the new device in 2011.

Schade also predicted the iOS devices would surpass 120 million sales before the end of 2010, putting them on a comparable install base with the biggest selling home console to date, the PS2, at 140 million.