Two recently released reports have suggested that Google’s Android platform is set to overtake the iPhone in the near future.

The first report to suggest this may not come as a great surprise, coming as it does from the Google-owned AdMob. Admob's report states that there will be more Android users than iPhone users by the end of 2010.

The major advantage Google’s platform holds over Apple's is sheer quantity – there are more than 50 Android devices available across a number of form factors.

By contrast Apple has released just four types of iPhone, each of which subscribes to roughly the same form factor as the others.

The other report is perhaps more compelling, coming as it does from the independent telecoms analyst Ovum. Ovum reckons that by 2015 Android will play host to 26 per cent of all app downloads, while iPhone will see just 22 per cent. That would represent a huge swing from last year’s figures of 14 per cent for Android and 67 per cent for iPhone.

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