International publisher Electronic Arts has petitioned the US Patent & Trademark Office to cancel the contentious trademark registrations from Tim Langdell’s Edge Games.

Landgell has come to notoriety lately as he used his trademark of the word ‘Edge’ in a video game context to lash out at games Mirror’s Edge and iPhone puzzler Edge. Critics of his practices believe Langdell should no longer have the trademark, as his company hasn’t made a game in many years.

In fact, that’s the very case that EA is levelling against the ‘trademark troll’. Since Edge Games has had no substantial releases in the last 16 years, EA believes Langdell is using the name purely for legal spats, and should be stripped of the trademarks.

Edge Games threatened to sue EA earlier this month for “willful infringement and unfair competition,” plus “continued infringement" against EA, with claims for treble damages.

We’ve asked EA for comment, and will let you know what we hear back.


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