Some early adopters of today’s new wonder device are finding they’ve been handed a bad apple (sorry).

Videos online show users clutching their device on both sides of the iPhone 4’s stainless steel trim, as one would normally a phone, before seeing their AT&T reception drop from a flush of mobile signal icons to an abysmal one bar or, even worse, the dreaded “no signal”.

Gizmodo is collecting user videos of the fault, as well as some hands on (sorry) impressions of calls both working fine and refusing to connect, and wi-fi speed dropping dramatically or not being affected at all.

If that wasn’t enough heartbreak for new gadget adopters, some iPhone 4s are showing discoloured bands and blotches on the screen, marring brilliant white websites with yucky yellow blobs.

Again, Gizmodo is curating a gallery of discoloured displays, but we’ll be happy to take a look at your dodgy devices too. If you’ve got a new iPhone 4, but are disappointed with its signal strength when you wrap your pinkies around it, or curious magenta patches on the screen, let us know in the comments below.