Having already released one ambitious RPG for iPhone - Ravensword - US developer Crescent Moon is digging deeper into the genre with its latest game Rimelands: Hammer of Thor.

Being made in conjunction with Dicework Games, it seems to be even more ambitious as it's being touted as the first in a series of turn-based role playing games.

Roll of the dice

Set in a fantasy steampunk world, you play as a treasure hunter exploring abandoned vaults to appease her grandmother's endless appetite for riches, while trying to find more about her dead parents and shrouded past.

As expected in such as Diablo or Rogue-style game, there are three character paths - barbarian, assassin and shaman - which you can customise in terms of the various talents they have.

You also level up with experience points and building items as you find their blueprints, while missions are played through both random-generated and pre-designed levels.

Sharp edge

Combat is handled as you and your enemies perform a single action or move during each turn. Your tactical choices depend on whether you're playing in a melee, ranged or magic style, as defined by your character's class.

Different enemies require different strategies and they will also work together to get you thinking.

"We're taking efforts to ensure the game mechanics are as transparent as possible, so you'll always have a good grasp about the consequences of your choices," the developers say.

"The main guideline is that if you fail, you'll have a good understanding of what actions most probably lead to your demise."

Due to be released in June, you can get an idea of the environments and the action thanks to the first gameplay video of Hammer of Thor.

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