Nimblebit has been teasing a new game for a while now, with an image of a square, angry face appearing in the upcoming apps section of its website.

The game has finally been revealed as Omium - a two player pixel-art space shooter for iPad.

Over three game modes, one player controls the hero ship while the other sends hordes of enemy ships in to make life difficult for him.

Dodge mode is the simplest of the three - player two taps the screen to make baddies appear, while the good guy holds one finger on the screen to move the ship, and taps with a second finger to open fire.

Similiar to Dodge, Infinite mode has the same concept except that enemies that disappear off the bottom of the screen scroll back around and appear at the top again.

This means that the hero must take out as many enemies as possible, rather than dodging them, or else it's all going to get rather hectic. See the end of the below video to see what we mean.

Finally, Juggle is a little more tactical than the other two modes.

Both players have limited resources, and cannot simply fire off ships and bullets constantly. A bar fills up to show when there is enough power to make a move.

The player must shoot at the enemy ships to make them bounce back up the screen and 'juggle' them. Letting any fall off the bottom of the screen is a losing move.

All in all, Omium is shaping up to be a decent multiplayer experience for the iPad. The shooter will be available from the App Store some time soon.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

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