We've been having a right old giggle this week, thanks to a face creation tool on DSiWare.

Faceez takes photos of faces, allows you to throw on a wacky hat and silly moustache, and then animates them in some weird and wonderful ways.

Using the DSi camera, players snap a shot of a friend, relative, family pet or themselves.

Indicators on the screen show where the eyes, nose and mouth should be located. Lining these up perfectly is very important, as it will provide the laughs later.

Face the music

Once the picture is stored, it's time to decorate with a variety of hats, glasses, and other facial wear. Suddenly your friend turns into a pirate, or a fairy, or whatever else you want to stick all over their face.

Having already lined up the picture correctly, little effort is required to attach these pieces - the game throws them on automatically, making it quick and easy to cycle through all the possible looks.

Face off

This is all pretty good fun, but the best bits are yet to come. Select Animate from the main menu, and now the laughs begin.

Players can choose from a variety of crazy facial expressions for the eyes and mouth. Eyes range from angry to thoughtful, but it's the mouth which is the most hilarious.

Open with a tongue sticking out; A cheesy, teeth-baring grin; clenched in anger; The different combinations of eyes and mouth possible make for some bizarre scenes.

Not just a pretty face

Then there's the Mix mode. Taking one photo, it's possible to transfer someone else's facial features into the selected face.

Start with your brother, put your best friend's eyes on him, replace his mouth with your girlfriend's and you've got yourself an absolute monstrosity. Now give it some shades, a jester's hat and make it scowl in anger.

Once you've finished your Frankenstein, just save and upload to Facebook.

There's not a lot more to Faceez than this. You can animate a whole body for the face, but it's a bit pants compared to the rest of the options - and you'll probably be bored after a couple of hours of exhausting all the features.

Yet at a very reasonable 200 DSi Points, Faceez is definitely worth checking out, if only for a quick facial.