Following on from that undoubtedly controversial top score in Famitsu, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - reportedly long billed as Metal Gear Solid 5 by Kojima himself - has made its debut in Japan today.

Easily one of the biggest titles PSP has entertained in some time, Peace Walker is expected to do rather well in Konami's home territory. Its release in the west is perhaps due a little more scrutiny given the somewhat cooler performance of Sony's handheld sales wise on these shores of late.

We still have some time to wait, however, before we can get our collective hands on Kojima's Costa Rican confrontation. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is due to hit PSP on June 8th, with a European debut expected on June 17th.

Of course, the upside of the delay is that by then we'll have a better idea as to whether there was merit in Famitsu's glowing take on the next chapter in the MGS series, or whether it was a little bit of snake-pie in the sky.