When Manomio dropped its iPhone Commodore 64 emulator to free for a FreeAppADay.com promotion, the developer saw such a huge spike in downloads that it has decided to keep the app free permanently.

We asked Manomio CEO Brian Lyscarz whether or not the emulator would go back to its original £2.99 or $4.99 price, and he told us "it's safe to assume that we´ll keep it free."

Nostalgic players can choose to pay extra for titles in the in-app store (games are typically 59p or £1.19). More players means more opportunities to sell games a la carte, which Lyscarz says, "is for sure a better model for us than charging $5".

The game has passed the 1.5 million download mark, and Manomio is planning a huge update to celebrate. "We'll introduce a huge number of very nice games," says Lyscarz.

Commodore 64 is available for free on iPhone and iPod touch. It comes packed with eight games and offers a wide selection of extra titles both paid and free in the game's shop.

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