File under highly speculative, but following on from Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar's assertion that Nokia is working on a tablet computer, we caught the first sniff it might have a games focus.

Talking about the company's plans for 2010, German developer Fishlabs has revealed: "We are working on a triple-A title closely together with Nokia featuring OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics for a large screen."

How big is large?

Of course, this could just be a triple-A game for a new Nokia smartphone such as the rumoured N8, which is expected to be announced tomorrow.

But to me the term "large screen" suggests something well... larger. I'm thinking more 10-inches than 4-inches, and that's more a tablet than a smartphone.

Equally, Fishlabs, with its excellent reputation for hardcore cutting-edge 3D games such as Galaxy on Fire and Rally Master Pro, would be an obvious choice of development partner for such a project.

Big touch

The current view is that Nokia's tablet, due towards the end of 2010, will run MeeGo, the mobile operating system created when Nokia and Intel merged their respective Maemo and Moblin OSes.

It will also be supported by Intel’s AppUp app store as well as Nokia’s Ovi Store.