The sun bearing down on them, deer roam across the fields that surround Pocket Gamer towers with nary a care in the world.

No consumerist state for them – oh no, everything they need is free. And that, dear reader, is exactly how we want your life to be too.

Welcome to the Friday Freebie.

Yet it would seem Sony’s ongoing generosity in offering PSP Favourites at substantially discounted prices (sale ends April 15th) has diverted its attention from the costless.

As a result, the only free download on PSN this week is a LittleBigPlanet theme for your handheld. It’s certainly stylish, though - who said the thrifty needn’t be discerning?

Nintendo, meanwhile, has made everything on the DSiWare Shop completely free, forever!

Only joking – as ever, 200 points is about as close as it’ll get to zero. Perhaps if it wasn't so busy being unimpressed by the iPhone, it might learn something from Apple’s model.

But the Cupertino company, as ever, is leading the gratuitous charge. Obviously, don’t forget to dock with the Trawler Report for a list of free iPhone games, but we’ll throw in a couple of recommendations for you here too.

First up, Zachary Poley are taking a Radiohead-esque stance on their new App, Pipetrix.

The developer invites everyone to pay what they want to for the puzzler, and if that figure happens to be nothing, they’ll be happy if you just tell your friends.

It’s also worth noting that Manomio LLC’s Commodore 64 emulator is still free, in conjunction with FreeAppADay.

This app comes with a few free games, so if you download this, you’re as close as to a rebate as you're ever likely to get.

Snap it up whilst you still can!

That’s it this for this week, but don’t forget to listen to episode 73 of our (free) podcast, in which you can enjoy the dulcet tones of Rob, Alex and Tracy. Now that’s something worth paying for...