Twin-stick dogfighter MiniSquadron is getting some special treatment in an upcoming sequel.

Titled MiniSquadron Special Edition, this new version is packed with new content, including eight brand new levels, 50 more planes to unlock, new pick-ups, a new weapon and more enemies to shoot down such as jellyfish, vampires and hamsters.

You can also take to the sky in a helicopter for new gameplay opportunities, pick up achievements through OpenFeint and play against a buddy over Bluetooth or wi-fi.

Developer Tak Fung is experimenting with a new distribution method for MiniSquadron Special Edition. You'll get the first two levels for free, and then can choose to buy the remaining six stages through in-app purchases. You can buy them two at a time for £0.59 or $0.99, which means it'll cost you £1.77 or $2.97 for the full package.

Fung plans to submit the game to Apple in two to three weeks' time.

In regards to iPad editions of Fung's games, he wrote on the Touch Arcade forums, "there isnt a MiniSquadron HD unfortunately, the cost and quantity of the artwork to bring to HD is just a bit too much for me to handle sadly." His other game, arty mini-game Fox Vs Duck "will quite likely have a HD option though."

MiniSquadron Special Edition will be released on iPhone and iPod touch in the coming months, so you can at least grab the first two stages which, as mentioned, will be given away for free.