The recent fragmentation of the Android market has been made all the more distressing by the fact that all of the companies involved with shipping updates don’t seem capable of organising a booze-up in a brewery.

Last week, Motorola failed to delivery Android 2.1 on its Droid after twice announcing it was coming. The firm had to issue a sheepish statement saying that a bug had been found at the last minute which prevented the roll-out.

It’s also been said that HTC Hero owners - who are still stuck on lowly old Android 1.5 - were due to get the latest update this month, but this deadline has also passed.

However, there is a brief glimmer of hope on the horizon: US network provider Sprint has issued an internal memo which has told staff to expect Android 2.1 to be delivered “over the air” in April. The two handsets concerned are the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment.

While this is obviously a Sprint-specific announcement it does bode well for other Hero owners; however, so many promises have been broken over the past few months that those long-suffering Android fans can be forgiven for adopting a sceptical attitude.

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