After narrowly escaping a sound cuffing from a sadly desperate vassel scuttling across society’s grimy gusset, podcast number 69 (stop tittering in the back there) is now safely ready for consumption. It almost didn’t make it, but it’s here. Be glad.

In it, you’ll find news of Tekken, Monkey Island 2, rumours about Steam on the iPhone and iPad and hands on sessions with Street Fighter IV and Chillingo’s latest hope, The Hero.

We also learn of Rob’s poetic sensibilities and mourn the temporary loss of our American brother in iPhone expertise, Tracy Erickson, who is currently braving the crowds of GDC in San Francisco.

It’s a merry caper indeed, so get yourself down to iTunes to download or stream the new episode. Or, if you’d rather, just grab it at the end of this link - keine stress.

That’s it for another week. Click ‘Track It!’ for more next week.