Over a year since TransGaming launched the second chapter in the Puzzle Quest saga, the publisher has today released the third and final episode - imaginatively titled Puzzle Quest: Chapter 3 - as an in-app purchase.

The new release comes as of a result of TransGaming updating Chapters 1 & 2 on the App Store to version 1.5. However, unlike the second chapter, this third instalment is going to cost you.

Chapter 3 can either be picked up within the app's in-game store for £1.19, or can purchased by newcomers as part of the entire package for £2.99.

Those looking to do the latter will need to download the free Lite version, making the upgrade to the full release via yet another in-app purchase.

Its release completes the Puzzle Quest story on iPhone almost a year and a half since Battle of Gruulkar made its debut back in late 2008.

TransGaming has also confirmed that the trilogy includes content from the Revenge of the Plague Lord expansion pack and the original game.

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