Mobile gaming on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series is looking increasingly formidable.

Last week we saw a platformer running on PC, 360, and a mobile handset, and today we've been hearing about the cross-platform 3D wonders of XNA 4.0 and Microsoft's Windows 7 API.

Now, Microsoft has issued some screenshots to back up its fancy talk. The two games on display are The Harvest, which is a touchscreen dungeon-crawler with deformable environments; and the much less interesting Battle Punks, a swordfighting Facebook game that's getting ported from PC.

You've no doubt looked at at least one of the screens by now and are suitably impressed by The Harvest's hi-res 3D graphics. Unfortunately, it's not all good news at this stage.

Engadget reports that The Harvest (which it wasn't allowed to film) has pre-rendered elements alongside the moving polygons, although Microsoft insists that full-screen 3D is possible. Also on display were universal notifications, with achievement notices sliding into view.

For a demo purportedly made in three weeks it shows enormous promise for Windows Phone 7 Series gaming.