One year older, one year wiser? Hardly. But that doesn't change the fact that we're celebrating our fourth birthday today. Which in internet years is probably a lot - somewhere between a hamster and a dog equivalent.

For fun, we've been counting our achievements to date. So you'll no doubt be fascinated to learn that we've published 18,195 articles so far. Of those, 10,039 are news, 3,535 game reviews, 1,665 features, and the rest are a mixture of bits and bobs we'll conveniently brush under the editorial carpet.

Not impressed? Okay, how about the fact that our entire collection of remarkable gaming wisdom contains 7,837,601 words? That's 46,708,906 characters to you (or 39,837,419 if you remove spaces).

Come on, feign an impressed expression at least - that took some counting.

More impressive than any of that, however, has been your support. The point of all this is to thank you for reading these past four years. Whether you're a regular or you've only managed a fraction of all those words, your interest is very much appreciated.

As for us, we'll celebrate with a little more typing.