And so it stays just on the edge of vision,
A small unfocused blur, a standing chill
That slows each impulse down to indecision.
Most things may never happen: this one will

No doubt these lines of Philip Larkin's have resonated with you many times while gaming, as your quad biker wipes out in Pure or a North American teenager simulates the act of 'teabagging' on your prostrate sprite in Halo 3.

Now, there's an app for pondering upon your mortality. Tale of Tales's The Graveyard is an arthouse title in which you steer a frail old woman through a graveyard towards a bench, where she enters a reverie about the past before getting back up again and leaving.

If this doesn't sound all that much like a game to you, you're not alone. Tale of Tales describes The Graveyard as 'more like an explorable painting than an actual game'.

As with the original PC version, The Graveyard is free. Taking the walk, sitting down, thinking, and leaving again costs you nothing. There's a paid-for version, though, which costs £1.19. The difference between the two versions is that in the paid one the old woman sometimes dies.