Time for another round of 'guess what free stuff we’ve got for your handheld consoles this week'. Actually, it’s not - there’s no guessing involved at all. We just tell you. That’s how this works.

Anyhoo, on PSP there are two slices of free content to gobble up. The first is a demo of the forthcoming title EYE of Judgement: Legends, which is a card based battler featuring a whopping great eye filled with wrathful judgement - presumably. It’s not the demo of Dante’s Inferno that we were hoping for, but you get what you pay for we suppose.

The other PSP freebie on offer is for Echoshift, in the form of the free desert level pack. You obviously have to own the full game to make use of it, so why not make up your mind about whether or not you're going to indulge in its puzzling curiosities by downloading the free demo we told you about a couple of weeks back.

Oh and in case you have no idea where to get at this stuff, we should mention the PSP Store is the place to find the gold doubloons - but you knew that already.

Moving on, the DS doesn’t have any demos or level packs to call freebies this week (or any week really if we think about it), but it does have some nice little extras thanks to Mega Man.

With the imminent western release of Mega Man Zero Collection, it’s worth paying a visit to the regular old Mega Man website to fuel that deep well of anticipation you can feel building in the pit of your stomach.

The site features a couple of nifty little flash mini-games for you to enjoy, as well as a load of downloadable screensavers, book covers, wallpapers, and AIM icons. Not the most typical of freebies, but in the DS realm it’s the equivalent of finding the crown jewels in a packet of Cornflakes, so make the most of it.

On the iPhone, well, you know what we’ve got don’t you? The Trawler Report, ever faithful as it is, is on hand once again this week to deliver the very best in free iPhone game recommendations. Then there’s the free iPhone gaming podcast, which you can get a fresh episode of every Friday.

That’s it for now, check back next week by clicking ‘Track It!’ for another load of costless handheld gaming freebies.

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