It’s podcast time, folks, and this week sees Rob, Tracy and I talking about explicit content.

The conversation mostly focuses on Rob’s disappointment at not being able to browse nubile nakedness on iTunes while billing it as work, but there’s a good deal of chat in there about censorial hypocrisy, too.

We also cover ngmoco’s surprise acquisition of Freeverse, EA’s potential acquisition of Iron Monkey and the release of the much touted WWII shooty romp, Brothers In Arms 2.

Then in the Rumour Mine we weigh the possibilities of App Store versions of Puzzle Quest, Broken Sword 2 and Tales from Monkey Island, before making a sharp exit to have an impromptu Seinfeld quiz and chat about what we’ve been playing this week (which includes the megaton titles, Final Fantasy I & II).

Sound like a lark? Not the bird, of course, but the verb meaning to have fun; frolic; romp, or if you want to be really pedantic, the noun meaning a merry, carefree adventure; frolic; escapade.

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