I'm hoping the results will be more Broken Social Scene than Velvet Revolver, but Finnish iPhone developer Dicework is linking up with US outfit Crescent Moon (Ravensword) for its forthcoming Rimelands: Hammer Of Thor.

Crescent Moon is helping with the graphics, animation and story and will publish the game.

Its partner Josh Presseisen said, "After seeing the screenshots, we were very impressed, and decided to investigate a little further. It turns out that Rimelands is shaping up to be a very solid RPG title, and will benefit from our experience."

Down in the dungeon

Unlike action RPG Ravensword, Rimelands is a more traditional turn-based affair that's been in development using the Unity3d engine since late 2009.

Loosely compared by its creators to Rogue, it's tile-based with tactical choices dependent on your character class.

Melee characters' tactics involve getting in close, while ranged characters work best when you keep them mobile and plan their routes. Magic users need to keep track of their mana reserves.

The game will feature randomly generated and pre-designed levels, some of which will include puzzle elements. There won't be too many mazes though, while the main game will linear in scope, with extra side quests for completists. The overtone will be light, adventurous and slightly humorous.

You can find out more about the game, which doesn't have a release date yet, on the Dicework website.

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