Appy Entertainment's FaceFighter has been a massive success on the App Store, with over a million sold.

In fact, when the company dropped the priced last week from $1.99 to free for seven days to promote new game Tune Runner, it did almost one million downloads during that short period too.

It seems everyone like bashing other people's faces, especially as with the iPhone you can import your friends' or boss' photo, plus there's a Bluetooth head2head mode.

Bulking up to heavyweight

But what's this? Appy's revealed it's going to be bringing FaceFighter to iPad.

To be honest, it's not the sort of game I'd think would be ideal for the bigger screen, especially in terms of the way you'd hold it - as well as the iPad's lack of a camera.

Nevertheless Appy reckons it has a cunning plan with the new version based around a feature "possible only on the iPad".

Presumably this means the big screen, so could either refer to a full body beat-'em up experience and/or a multiple player boxing option where you all play on the iPad at the same time.

Sounds rather dangerous to me.

In the meantime though, the iPhone and iPod touch version of FaceFighter will be updated with in-app purchases to expand its library of fighters, weapons, and finishing moves.

Slap happy in other words.