We've been writing about the arrival on DSiWare of social webgame Globulos for over a year.

But now, no doubt, to the delight of developer Globz, the official announcement can be made.

Globulos Party will be released during the first week of March, priced at 500 Nintendo Points.

It consists of 20 mini-games which combine the ball like Globulos with the following human sports and activities - arena, soccer, croquet, tic-tac, darts, funky foot, bomber, rally, volleyball, sumo, pinball, pétanque or curling, bomberking, 4-square, snooker, basketball, darts king, monster and rugby.


There's the DSiWare exclusive ice hockey too.

These mini-games are playable on 50 playing fields, each of which contain three AI levels. You'll have to beat each of them to finish the game; something Globz says will take more than 12 hours.

Globulos Party also features three multiplayer modes: download play, wireless play and a two player hotseat mode using the same DSi.

You can find more details from the website as well as checking out the following video.

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Globulos Party will be released on 1st March in US and 5th March in Europe.