Though you're all probably content to buy reduced games this week during Sony’s PSP Store fire sale on Minis, we thought we’d still better give you a heads up about the newest freebies available, because we’re good like that.

There's a new demo available (making that something like, well, several weeks in a row, we’ve lost count, happily), this time of THEXDER Neo.

A glossy remake of the 1985 original, THEXDER Neo is a side-scrolling shoot-'em-up with all of the usual manic swarms of enemies and over-the-top boss fights, though it also includes a six way multiplayer Race mode, which sounds interesting.

We’re pretty sure the demo won’t include that part, but it should still give a good enough taster of what it’s all about. Get for free now on the PSP Store.

On DS, well, there’s nowt.

But, if you own an iPod touch or an iPhone and have even a shred of imagination, then we still have something for you - sort of.

Flight Control has been cleared for landing on DSi Ware today in Europe (Monday 22nd for our American cousins) so if you can bear to part with the practically free price of 59p, you can get a taster of what the rather more expensive DSi version will be like.

Speaking of the iPhone, ever heard of the Trawler Report? It’s full of the latest and greatest free iPhone game recommendations. And there is also the free iPhone gaming podcast, which features all of the usual Pocket Gamer wisdom, but in spoken form - it’s great, really.

That’s all you're getting. There’s nothing left.

Check back in seven days by clicking ‘Track It!’, when we'll have gathered some more freebies.

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