Like everyone else, we're fascinated and reasonably excited about the next-gen game streaming service OnLive, which promises to "break the console cycle" by streaming high tech games directly to a web browser.

What this means is even a low-powered system can run technically advanced games easily, which its developer claims will revolutionise the games industry and become "the world's most powerful games system".

The OnLive technology is due to go into the second round of beta testing, and CEO Steve Perlman has been showing the system off at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas, confirming support for iPhone by showing a brief demo of FPS Crysis running fast and smooth on Apple's handheld.

He also suggested OnLive will have support for "tablets", clearly alluding toward the Apple iPad. If there's one thing that could get us more excited than playing premier games from the likes of Ubisoft, THQ, EA, Codemasters, Warner and Epic on an iPhone, it's playing them on an iPad.

There's also talk of a small device for accessing an OnLive subscription directly from your TV, pegged as a MicroConsole, which sounds mighty interesting.

Claims of a gaming revolution really don't seem too far fetched, eh?


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