Samuel L. Jackson is cool. You know how you can tell?

Because he routinely does very uncool things. If you look down the list of films he's been in you'll notice that fewer than 10 per cent of them are cool.

Indeed, three of them were Star Wars films - the ill-conceived trio of franchise destroying toy orgies that left Ewan MacGregor's coolness rating in tatters, but from which Samuel L. strolled away unscathed.

And what about this iSamJackson? Aren't celebrity voice soundboards cheap and lazy? Yes they are. Aren't novelty iPhone covers rather tacky? Absolutely. So, isn't the iSamJackson 'Bad Motherfucker' novelty iPhone cover a bit of a waste of time?

How dare you.

It's not the kind of thing we normally like to give away, but when the PR people for iSamJackson got in touch to offer a few of these cases for a competition the pull of a useful object with a swearword on it, celebrating one of the coolest men in the world, was too great to resist.

And to be fair, iSamJackson is good fun.

To put yourself in the running for a limited edition cover, just answer this question.

What kind of burger does Jules take a bite of in Pulp Fiction before reciting some cold ass shit to Brett and popping a cap in his arse?

a) a Royale with cheese
b) a Big Kahuna Burger
c) a Whopper

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